Introducing the 311 Fall Tour 2022 exclusive merchandise bundle!

Order these limited-edition bundles now to get yourself set and while supplies last. Otherwise, any remaining bundle slots close day of show at 12pm local.

Each bundle purchase includes 3 exclusive merchandise items (listed below) that will not be available to other fans, and also includes individual show foil posters, event tees, stickers* if available, and that evening’s setlist! Purchasing a bundle will also give you the opportunity to add other 311 merchandise items to your order, allowing you to avoid the merch line altogether for a stress-free show experience! The Bundle and any add-on merchandise that you purchase will be held for you to pick up after the show in a special location with 2 After Show Passes*

Only 20 available per show. 

Event merchandise art will be revealed the night before each show. 

Bundle Includes: 

1. Journal Set (exclusive to package)

2. Backpack (exclusive to package)

3. 12 Postcard Set (1st 6 album covers and 6 Streamsystem posters) (exclusive to package)

4. Show Event Foil Poster

5. Show Event Tee. 

6. Show Event Sticker. **

**Please note **sticker only available for some shows. You will receive a Spring Tour 2022 Sun Magnet if no event sticker is available.

7  Setlist nightly.

8. 2 Souvenir After Show Passes* (NO BACKSTAGE ACCESS OR MEETING THE BAND).  After Show pass is so you will not have to leave the venue immediately after the show concludes.  You and a guest will be escorted to a specific area to pick up your curated Merchandise items 10 -15 minutes following the conclusion of the concert and then immediately escorted out of the venue.  We kindly ask that you please wear a mask when picking up your merchandise at the conclusion of the concert.  

**You will receive an email prior to the end of the concert with where to pick up. 

***If you cannot pick up your bundle after the show, we will send you a bill to ship

****If the show is canceled for any reason, we will make arrangements to have your bundle shipped to you. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCHANGES. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

*****You must purchase a BUNDLE to add on other tour/event merchandise to be held.  All orders placed without the BUNDLE will be canceled and have their orders refunded.